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Hi Im Chris

Chris Edwards removing earwax from a persons ear with  a pair of Loupes

A versatile , analytical, and hardworking audiologist, with a practical "get the thing done" approach who always perseveres to achieve the best results.

I believe in having a happy, positive approach and offering an enjoyable experience is of great importance to a clients hearing journey. I feel that I help to improve the hearing of the patients and are continuing to challenge myself to finding ways of delivering a better service to all I meet, by identifying their needs and to satisfy those needs with a professional and efficient approach, offering this first class personal and professional service has been one of the core values and to offer the best customer experience. Passionate and enjoy all aspects of my job, even things waxy

                                    Hello and welcome to CJ Audiology Limited, the culmination of my lifelong dedication to audiology and patient - centred                                         care. My name is Chris Edwards, and I am the founder and lead audiologist at CJ Audiology Limited (Company No                                               09558530) My journey into the world of audiology began over two decades ago, driven by a profound interest in how we                                     perceive and interpret the world around us through sound. Being registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC)                          after qualifying as an audiologist in 2000, I spent 13 years working with the leading hearing aid companies. This                                                 experience was invaluable, offering me deep insights into the technological advancements in hearing aids and the complexities of hearing loss. However, as my career progressed, I realized that my vision for providing care was evolving. I sought to offer a more personalized, patient-focused approach, something that was becoming increasingly challenging within the constraints of large corporate structures.

In pursuit of this vision, I founded CJ Audiology Limited. It wasn't just about being an audiologist; it was about being a caregiver who could make a real difference in people's lives. My expertise in earwax removal, acquired in 2015 and after the initial training I further qualified to remove earwax with the use of an endoscope (Clearwax iCLEARscope), further expanded the scope of care I could provide, allowing me

to address a wide range of auditory health needs.

At CJ Audiology, we collaborate with specialists across various fields to ensure comprehensive care for our patients. Our

practice is built on the belief that every individual's hearing concerns are unique, and so should be the solutions we provide.

We're not just about fitting hearing aids; we're about understanding the story behind your hearing journey and tailoring

our services to meet your specific needs. Thank you for choosing CJ Audiology Limited. Together, we look forward to

helping you achieve the best possible quality of life through optimal hearing health.

A picture of Chris Edwards sat on a clinic chair
Chris Edwards removing earwax from a persons ear with  a pair of Loupes
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Phil Reynolds May 2021

Excellent Service

Chris responded promptly to my request for Microsuction.  He was friendly and professional his work and explained every step of the process which was straight forward and painless.  I would have no hesitation in recommending C J Audiology to anyone who has hearing issues.  Many thanks again Chris

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